About us

The story behind us

Variance is a Swiss-headquartered independent financial advisory firm specialized in financial risk management

Variance offers a specialized advisory service in OTC financial derivatives belonging to three main areas:

  • Foreign Exchange (Forward, Put / Call Options, Tunnel…)
  • Interest Rates (Swap, Cap, Floor, Collars, Structures, Contingent Hedges…)
  • Commodities (Swaps, PPAs…)

Variance’s team is composed of international and highly experienced professionals from different industries, but mainly corporate finance, banking and consulting which allows us to offer 3 differentiated services:

  • Advisory (before execution).
  • Assistance in execution (during execution)
  • Follow-up, Valuation Reports and Hedge Accounting (after execution).

Variance’s business model aims to provide clients with unbiased, transparent and independent advisory services, by building long-term relationships that ensure a deep understanding of their business culture.

Our expertise


Variance’s advice leans on a solid proprietary technological infrastructure, which comprises valuation and pricing software tools for OTC derivatives and structured products with a large variety of underlying exposures.


  • Independence
  • Integrity
  • Dedication
  • Confidentiality

Our team

The people who make things happen in our company and who believe and build the future.

Francisco Andújar



Leslie Sánchez